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Four Winds Artwork by Alaine Daniel


Alaine Daniel transforms her vision of the world into unique and beautiful works of art. She creates a pleasing visual experience that takes the viewer to another time and another place...sometimes quiet and contemplative, sometimes reverberating with vivid colors. Although Alaine lives in the deep south, she feels a kinship with the Southwest. Her love of nature, Indian heritage, and places of the West emerge with feelings of peace and harmony. Alaine Daniel is a native of Savannah, GA. She holds a MFA from Georgia State University and a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. She completed her BFA in Graphic Design as one of the first graduates of SCAD. During her residency at SCAD she endured three experimental back surgeries to correct her congenital disease of scoliosis. Despite these hardships, Alaine Daniel, became SCAD's first Valedictorian. She pursued her Master's Degree in Illustration and Design at GSU while working at the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. She has been working as an Art Therapist for the past 8 years for the State of Georgia's Adolescent Drug Treatment Program. She hopes the people who admire her art and talent will help her continue being....an artist..

Artist's Work

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The Four Winds Artwork by Alaine Daniel

Alaine's Originals

Alaine's Limited Edition Prints

Painting that WON First Prize at 2001 GWS National Exhibition

Affordable Laser Prints $25

Contact Information:
The Four Winds Gallery
Alaine Daniel
2038 New Mexico Street
Savannah, GA 31404

Work Phone: 912-233-2509
Home Phone: 912-233-2509
Fax: 843-856-5138
E-mail: the_4_winds@yahoo.com

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