A Watercolor Online "Featured Artist" Web Site!

With Watercolor Online there are no up front costs or setup fee, for web site design. Other sites charge from $150 to $600 "setup fee" plus monthly fee's.
Currently Watercolor Online offers the following "Featured Artist" web site package for only $25.00 a month. which includes the following:
  • Watercolor Online Artist of the Week.  An image from your site will be featured on the front page of Watercolor Online for at least one week per year.
  • Display up to 15 full color pictures.
  • Display up to 2000 words of text.
  • Guest book.  Your site will have a guest book so that visitors can leave comments for you and other visitors to enjoy.
  • You receive an email alias  which forwards email from an address such as to your local pop box. You are free to use this email alias or your regular email address.
  • You keep 100%.  We do not receive a commission from any of your internet sales through your web site. In addition, buyers contact you directly through your web site. Your email is not filtered by us, as it is with other organizations.
  • Complete set up and maintenance is included in the monthly fee.  Free updates every three months for images. Text can be updated every month at no cost.
  • We handle all the computer technology for you.
  • Your site will be up and running within 7 days of receiving payment. Within ten days you will receive a printout of your site in the mail, if you do not have internet access.
The following information can help you to make up your mind about setting up a Featured Artist web site through Watercolor Online:
To get your own Featured Artist web site follow these three easy steps:
  1. Tell us that you are interested by sending us a note at
  2. Send us the text you desire. There will be a $5.00 typing fee charged for each 250 words of text not submitted in digital form. The preferred method is to send your text in an email or on disc.
  3. Mail us the images of your work you would like displayed with a check addressed to "Watercolor Online" for the first three months in the sum of $75.00. If images are submitted in slide form there will be a minimum charge of $30.00 for digitizing 1-10 slides. Add an additional $2.00 for each additional slide. This covers our cost to have slides digitized by an outside agency. The preferred method is to send photos that we will scan or already digitized images as attachments to your email.
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