Here are just a few reasons why you should choose
Watercolor Online
to set up your personal web site

  • Watercolor Online is the largest and most active of all watercolor web sites in the world today. No one else comes close. Not even the art malls.
  • We don't filter your email. Many of our competitors don't allow you to use your real email address because they are afraid that their competition will contact you! Maybe they pass everything along, but you'll never know! With Watercolor Online all email is directed to you, unfiltered!
  • We give you an email alias. People like this because it is more professional than People know right away that you are a watercolorist. ALL mail is merely forwarded directly and immediately to you. You can use either address. Your email alias simply redirects your email to your local pop box.
  • We give you a simple address. Your site address is This is much more specific and direct than If you are a watercolorist, shouldn't your site address reflect this?
  • Watercolor Online attracts those who are truly interested in watercolor. We don't do oils, paper mache, computer art, or crafts.
  • You can change your site every three months. Your site isn't set in concrete. You can change your images without cost every three months and your text monthly.
  • You can cancel at any time after the first three months, we refund the difference. You can't lose.
  • Your page won't look like a cookie cutter made it. You have complete control over what your site looks like. Your site should reflect your creativity not ours.
  • Our prices are low. With our Member Artist web package priced at $10.00 per month and our Featured Artist web package at $25.00 per month you have two options.
  • You can publish articles for free. Our goal is to make watercolor-online such a powerful resource that it rivals published magazines.
  • And last but not least, "Should I have a site with Watercolor Online or a stand alone site?" The answer is quite simple. What good is it to have a web site if no one comes to visit and see your fine art? If you look at the overwhelming majority of the stand alone sites they may get a couple of hundred hits a year. At Watercolor Online we always get more that 2000 hits a week. Your site is bound to get lots of traffic. Look at a few site to see for yourself.
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