Marketing Idea's

A question we often get is, "How many painting have you sold over the internet?" It really depends. Many of our member artists have sold work, usually in the $200 - $400 range. But, no one in their right mind is going to buy a $5,000 piece of art work because they saw a 3" x 5" picture of it on the internet. Remember that price range makes a big difference.

This doesn't mean that you can't use the internet to sell your work, or that the internet can't be useful to you. To be successful you have to be a little more active and creative in how you use a web site. Here are just some of the ways that having your own internet site can benefit your career as an artist:
  • You have internet exposure. Marketing is a statistical numbers game. The more people that have exposure to your work, the more you will sell. In contrast to a traditional gallery which gets a few dozen people per day, there are millions of people around the world using the internet on a daily basis. If you're not on-line, how will they find you? Watercolor Online get about a thousand hits a week to the main page. One visitor may look at 10 or more individual sites within Watercolor Online.
  • Your site becomes an online resume. When you are contacting galleries or looking for a job, just give them the address of your personal internet site, and they can see your qualifications with the click of a mouse. Remember to put your internet address on all of your business cards.
  • Your site allows you to do creative marketing. There is a high probability that if someone has bought your work before they will do it again. Use your internet site in conjunction with direct mailers to collectors who have previously purchased your art. When you have a new piece, send us a picture and send out a flier to everyone on your mailing list. They can look it up on the web, and then purchase it by contacting you directly. This cuts the mailing costs associated with producing expensive high quality color reproductions.
  • Name recognition. What you really want is people to recognize your name. There is only one way to do that. Get your name out there where people will see it. A web site with Watercolor Online can do that.
  • Promote workshops. If you give workshops or seminars, you can use your site to inform the public about your workshops. Archive reference materials for your workshop students. Tell your students that they don’t have to take notes, but can look them up at your internet site.
  • Publish Tutorials, Articles, and Newsletters. If you want to share some of your wisdom and experience with others. Publish your own online tutorial or article. Are there individuals who follow you and your work. If so you might want to publish a quarterly news letter to let your clients know what you're up to!